Judge Business Schoolの概要

Judge Business Schoolは、ケンブリッジ大学におけるマネジメント研究および教育の拡充を図るべく、1990年にポール・ジャッジ氏の資金援助を受けて設立されました。学校は創立以来、順調に発展を続け、現在までにヨーロッパのトップビジネススクールのひとつと評価されるに至っています。2005年にJudge Institute of Management StudiesからJudge Business Schoolへと改称し、より影響力のあるビジネススクールへと更なる飛躍に向けての取り組みがなされています。

The entrance gate of Judge Business School, Cambridge, UK

The entrance gate of Judge Business School, Cambridge, UK

Judge Business Schoolの強みは、ケンブリッジ大学の知と、イギリスおよびケンブリッジ周辺ビジネスへのアクセスであり、元学長サンドラ・ドーソン女史の言葉からの以下の引用が、これを的確に言い得ています。

“At Cambridge, Darwin’s alma mater, Judge Business School is benefiting from partnerships with colleagues in other faculties as we develop our own evolutionary strategy as “a great business school at the heart of Cambridge”. We work on corporate governance in collaboration with the faculties of law and economics, on finance with mathematicians and economists, on health and pharma with biotechnologists and clinical specialists, and with colleagues from physical and biological sciences and technology on innovation and entrepreneurship, which is one of our areas of competitive advantage.
All our students through business plan competitions, special projects, and networking events will encounter the local technology cluster of 350 companies that functions as an ecosystem of money, transactions, multiple professional advisers, 10 venture capital and four angel networks and, above all, productively chaotic sets of willing buddies, who will share contacts and lessons from hard knocks and heart throbbing success, as well, of course, as that great dynamic force of ideas within and around the university.”